Thursday, 11 October 2012

Playing Checkers with Style

Looking back and moving forward with a little check. The play of checkers in both fashion and decor is always so much stylish fun. Character driven this design take is always a statement maker.

Classically Trained

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Isn't it always so great to see how the style of the pass were best used and received. Here, its all about play meeting elegance. A little check dancing in the rain!

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Dress this, floor that, the look is sheer elegance with the right touch of bold. I am so in love with this image, aren't you?

Black and White Pretty

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Super classy then... So playful now!

Modern Twist

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Anna Sui; Fall 2012                                                      MSGM Fall 2012

Like so many styles when a come back is made, there is cause for celebration, We look forward to just how designers will put their spin on something we've already come to love .  The senses of dramatic lines and bold colours  make these new looks of checkers design something new and  full of design joy for all in favour of checkers.

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The editorial looks say it all! Check Mate!

Louis Vuitton Keeps us in Check for ( Spring 2013 )

Classic Black and White with scale as the new twist

Jumping Joy!

My favourite piece of clothing, the jumpsuit. I have to say these two bring new meaning to chic comfort.

Playing Dress Up

In the fashion square, dressing up goes for the bold in all four corners. Wanting to make an entrance..then Louis Vuitton 2013 RTW has got you covered.

Nail it with Gold and Black

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So if the idea of wearing checkered clothing is not for you but you do you like the look of checkers. The painted nail designs are a great way to go. The look is super fun and right on trend.

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