Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bathing Beauties

With the hustle and bustle of everyday live there is often no place more desirable than your at home retreats.For me that is getting lost in the relaxation of a great bathroom design nestled in a spa like setting.

Something about white open spaces, could so see myself calling it a day here. So very fresh and inviting!

Yes! this is more like it, full of all the most haves a bathing beauty. Major key, those fresh white towel.

Everything under one roof! A place to sit and let the day's tasks just roll away, and this large square tub to soak up the good life!

Smooth Comfort, love  how airy this space feels.

Anyone ready for some Relaxation?

Thank you for stopping by!

Things are super busy for me right now, and busy has never looked so good.
I am having so much fun working as the lead designer on the Ask a Decorator booth with IDRC as well its almost time to get to work on Holiday window decor displays.
With that being said,  you may see me here a little less than usual.
So when I do get a chance to catch up with you, my day is made.
I love getting these blogging fingers down to work : )

Please keep in touch with your comments, I love hearing from you!

Cottage Charm

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