Saturday, 28 December 2013

Stay Inspired

With all the photos we come across on the web, it's easy to get overwhelmed. However there are the moments when you say all the looking was so worth it. The moment when you once again become inspired. You may not always have the words to express the base of your just feels good. For me, it just needs to be that simple. 

These two photos are a my two faves for today! I love the mood they evoke, simple yet powerful notes in design. 

Found them on tumblr, 

Find your inspiration where ever it calls you, pull from it and let it carry on. 


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Holiday Inspired

Of all the holiday seasons Christmas is my favourite time of year! Aside from all the warm feelings that fill the air and family gathering,  I love holiday decor. It's seems to be the one festive time that holds the most tradition. I think tradition is very much a part of what make it so special. I do however have to say, playing with new decor is kind of the way I like to go each year.

Get Gatsby for the Holidays!
Where do you get your inspiration for holiday design? For me much like most of my creative ventures I'm inspired by fashion, music, movies, and a whole host of other things and places that move me.

The Great Gatsby, a world of inspiration!

SEE MORE from my idea Boards :Gatsby by antoinetteplummer featuring christmas home décor

Gatsy Hoilday
SEE MORE from my idea Boards Gatsy Hoilday by antoinetteplummer featuring West Elm
Shop the look with ease! check out the fab line of this holiday decorations at West Elm.

Golden Gatsby

SEE MORE from my idea Boards : Golden Gatsby by antoinetteplummer featuring christmas home décor

Golden Gatsby

SEE MORE from my idea Boards : Golden Gatsby by antoinetteplummer featuring handmade table runners

Shop it:  West Elm.
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Wednesday Wishes!!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Creative Comfort

Space of the Day! Creative Comfort

   See more of my mood boards:

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dark Wall, Deep Wonder

The allure is undeniable, the look and moody feel of dark painted walls, does drawn you in. There is definite sense of the bold and refined. Some of the most creative spaces are in the darkest corner.
Karen A. Kitowski, ASID
Moody black walls

 photo 172122016978653331_HxWMTX5q_f.jpg

Love the oversized framed transit stops.

Cathy Echols - Painted in Farrow & Ball's - Tanners Brown
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Photos Via: Pinterest

Friday, 11 October 2013

Mixology, where styles and patterns are the ingredients

This is a remix! There is an unmistakable movement toward more eclectic spaces, a real celebration of vibe over any one style.
I've personally  always loved the look and feel of eclectic spaces-hence why I'm so elated to see this décor style so embraced and newly understood. Eclecticism, really does take away from the worry of trying to "fit each piece" of a room together and lets you refocus on the overall energy you want interjected into your home. The idea that is maybe an easier route to go as oppose to a more narrow style, not quite true. In fact, it takes a little more planning in terms of furniture placement, and colour flow. There is nothing worst then trying to pull of the look and winding up with an unsettling feel of mismatched results of failed execution.

Every space has the power to tell a story, bring forth a vibe and inspire from every corner that hold it together.

Photo Via:interiorzine.


Photo Via: Decoist

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Monday, 30 September 2013


Couldn't be more excited to once again be taking parting in the TORONTO FALL HOME SHOW MEDIA CHALLENGE!! If you can remember last year`s challenge, it was all about flowers and getting our pretty on!  Please let me jog your memory

This year take on a bit of a foodie challenge..cheese you say!
It's the ULTIMATE GRILLED CHEESE challenge and it going to be good!
Kicking off at 1pm at the main stage in the Better Living Center at the Exhibition Place on Thursday October 3th.

As if making grilled cheese making wasn't fun enough, the media challengers will be teaming up the Fire Fighters of York Region! I must say though, the best part of this event is,  as it was last year a $1,000 donation is made to Habitat for Humanity Toronto on behalf of the winner. 
I was able to walk away from last year's challenge as the winner in more words ways than I could image. Knowing you are part of community that is constantly reaching out to make the lives of others better is everything I could want to involved with. 
If you haven't had a chance to check out the site or you are planning on heading down to the Home Show,  you'll be in for some real design fun and inspiration!

I've got 2 pairs of tickets for Fall Home Show!!
Just comment on this post, with your favourite way to enjoy your grilled cheese sandwich and what it is you love most about fall. These tickets are good for any day of the show!

Hope to see you there!!



Heads up it`s raining studs, rivets and spikes!

 Trending for sometime now in fashion, the look has made its way into our décor with all its bling and charm. Now if this has never really been your thing, I'm here to share with you just way its become mine. In the past when you would think of studs, and spikes you may have associated it with a hard punk like look. Well you wouldn't have been completely wrong then. That "hard Punk look" has however been revived once again. Only this time around its become a bit more refine, a bit more chic if you will. I personally love the idea of adding a little edge to those soft and maybe more traditional lines to create a fresh take on décor and furnishings.

Hot Fashion Rivet Tote Shoulder Messenger Handbag
Fashion felt it first..                                                                                                          photo

Detailed View
Ultra Soft with edgy charm, this...I do love

Turn your girlish décor up and get blinged out. Photo via Pottery Barn

Masculine elements, very cool!  Photo via:

Beautiful Habitat: Latest Obsession: Nail head Trim

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Into Indigo

It's been a while since I've sat down and let my fingers do all the talking...feels great to be back and blogging away and today I've also got the Blues...

Indigo Blue that is...

By now you may have spotted the deep shade of something lovely in and around your retailers and design resources. Well I'm super excited to see the celebration of indigo. It really is such an alluring colour and goes with just about anything. As well with the rebirth of denim looks what more perefect time to pair the two and create a little design magic.

Tie it in a Knott
ILJA - A/W 12 - SKIN\\\FONIE -
From the Runway...
upstate tilden top. so beautiful.
rebecca atwood pillows
To our  homes...the tie dyed look becomes that unexpected sense of creative play.

Pattern for Character

Interior Trend - A/W 2013, indigo theme by Habitat. On WGSN

indigo + blue as an anchor to a sitting room
I just love this rug!

Small Wonders

Pad Printed Ikat Bowls from west elm
Pad Printed Ikat Bowls #colorcrush
West Elm always so good!

For more Indigo colour inspirations, check out my pinterest indigo board :

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Photos Via:

Friday, 21 June 2013

Boho Bells are Ringing!

As a lover of eclectic styles and designs,  I couldn't help but find myself being drawn to the vibe evoked from Boho influenced décor. I think it maybe the comfort and carefree mood of the style which makes it so very alluring for today's living spaces. It's no secret just how busy all our lives have become over the years, there is always something new being added to the plate. With that being the case the look of comfort on top of style is a great way to bring a little ease to our home life and it's décor.


Colour Q

Make it Chic

Layer your Pretty

Happy Friday Indeed!!!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

White Out in Summer

With summer only weeks from being official upon us, my closet and décor continue to get the shake off of  winter. I really could wear white almost all summer season long. I love the crisp light and airy feel of look. Of course,  for our décor the idea of do all things white can be more than a little scary for most. However, r I think it is a fantastic way to open up your space and allow for even more brightness into an environment. If carefully executed,  the look can be carried into the winter months by layering with textures and warm tones.

White Rush

White Rush by antoinetteplummer on Polyvore

White Walls-  Perfect for creating that roomy feel in small space.

Shades of White: The overall effect is light, yet furl of character and volume.

White and Colour- Adding just the right touch of colour is a great way to highlight features
which may otherwise get lost in  a sea of white.

Writing on White- Loving the way these framed words add a sense of play to this dining room.

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