Monday, 27 August 2012

Dorm Decor ( Moodboard Monday )

What an exiting time of the year! Back to school and off to the life of fun, study and a whole lot of late night. I say this with a smile knowing all too well what its like to in the College zone, only this time I was there as student and while being a Mommy to my seven year old daughter. Being a recent college grad I remember so very well all the things I needed to make the time spent in my workspace inspiring as well as functional. I lived only minutes away from my college so of course my living conditions were at home. I did have a some friends staying on campus however, and we were always talking decor, naturally. More than anything for wishing for their dorm rooms to be more stylish, welcoming and the need for colour and storage. Today I want to take you on the "board tour", working from concept, to a 3d and realistic creation of this eclectic dorm room.

Let your inspiration come from the life you live. Your dorm room is an extension of your personality. Take  YOU into your space and remind yourself you are so much more than just a student by day and a study bunny by night.

Dorm Decor: ( Inspiration Board )

Dorm Decor 2D Concept-

Must have for a great dorm room living:

1. Comfy Bedding- While the word sleep may be hard to come by with late night studies and projects,  its extremely important. So the time you do get to put in some Zzz, do it in comfort and style.

2. A Great Desk- Homework and projects are hard enough, make life easier and select a desk with a wide work surface and easy cleaning for those times when a mess comes with the project.

3. The Perfect Chair: More than likely you will be using this chair for more than just study time. Think comfort,  remember sometimes it's hours before you even get up from one.

4. The Power of words: I love the idea of using framed prints with words. Words used in this manner can play such a positive roll in our daily lives as they act as reminders of so many things we often forget in the course of our busy days.

5. Storage, Selection: Just when you think you have enough, you realize you're once again in need of more. This is when I like to think boxes are a great fit. They come in so many varieties of patterns and sizes, it's easy to select ones that will coordinate with your existing decor. Also they store well under the bed or on the floor.

Dorm Decor ( 3D Board )

The best thing about the college life is getting to know yourself even more. Through your learning and social experiences you begin to own the things that make you unique. That's why I think a dorm room is such a great place to start to show your decor style and best of all your overall character .

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  1. I simply love the blue and orange color combination. It is modern and bold.

  2. Thank you so very much Matthew!!I am happy to hear that!

  3. I love that you call it "The Power of Words". Art-spiration is the best kind of art! Great design elements--love the CB2 shelving placed on the wall. I've shared those with a client and they are wonderful. Great design and sharing as usual.

    Julie @gosimplysavvy and

    1. Thank you so much Julie! The shelves really are great!!

  4. Antoinette, your dorm rooms boards are so fresh and clean. The yellow ottomans really pop next to the gray comforter. I like your complementary colors of orange and blue in the accessories too. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments Charisse and all your support on today!xo

  5. Hi Antoinette!

    I love how you encouraged your readers to begin to test their personal style in their dorm rooms. It's definitely the time when mistakes aren't too expensive and you can try out different combinations in a small space.

    This is one of the key things that makes Olioboard fun, too. Your readers could upload a picture of their real dorm room (or another space) and drag and drop items into it to visualize different combinations and what they would like like.

    It's this ability to see it quickly in 3D that makes Olioboard - a free app - an easy and fast place for college students to begin to experiment and define their personal style.

    Thanks for sharing what's possible and participating in these OlioHops for my client, Olioboard, Antoinette. I hope your readers are enjoying your posts and learning as much as all of us are!


    Leslie (@tkpleslie)

    1. Leslie!!!
      In your busy day and still, you find yourself here. Awesome! Thank you for the having as one of bloggers on one of the most ways of showcasing board designs on an App made for those looking for fast and effective design solutions!

      The #Oliolove is right back at ya!xo

  6. I love how your incorporated fashion and love how chic and stylish your olioboard is; fantastic design!

  7. Love the color combos! Those poufs are adorable and so functional for the dorm! Happy OlioHopping!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  8. Gorgeous and so chic!!! Love your posts and boards! #OlioLove!!!

    1. Olivia! Thanks for the stopping by and the follow!

      Thanks for your sweet comment!

  9. Love your concept and your board! Great job!