Saturday, 9 June 2012

On the Waves of Design

The sites, sounds and smells of the sea always bring me back to my place of birth. I grew up only minutes away from the shores in Jamaica. As a child I fell in love with the power and beauty of the sea . From the soft calming colours to the magnitude of its waves, I knew these waters would always have a hold on me.
This season, so much of the summer styles come up from sea. They have made their way into our homes and runways. Whether its seashells spread across a table, or corals preached on book shelves, almost everywhere you look are splashes of the seaside living. 
To play with these colours and create that cottage beach vibe, keep it light, clean and simple. Enjoy the summer, take a walk on the beach inside your own home. Its all about using your imagination and soaking up the vibes!

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Textured Beauty-

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Summer Sky and Sea

Sea Whites-  Dining

The Runway : Chanel
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Here is are some of the items and colours that have me "seaing" waves! I found all these super fun and every so charming products from my fave online Moodboard and Design site

Thinking of creating a seaside escape of your own? Why not jump on this site and give a go, be amazed by what you come with!

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