Sunday, 28 October 2012

Christmas in October

I know, it maybe a bit too early for some of you to be thinking about Christmas, but its my favourite time of the year! Also with my visual display work I have had to start planning out my concepts and begin work on some of my window projects. I only have a couple more weeks til my first one get underway. I am finding this year to be even more fun than the last in terms of design and decoration ideas. There really is something for everyone, and it seems that more of us are getting into the actual crafting of decorations. This of course I am so loving, the crafting of your own decorations not only adds that personal touch, it is great for going green and most likely a bit easier on your pocket books. Unless you have it $$$ to do so and want to, I don't think Christmas decorating should be cause for a hug break of the budget. It is important that we remember the essence of the holidays and focus on the good times that will be had by all despite your decor choices. Along with any fun pics I come across, I will share with you some easy and cost effective ways to bring on the the Christmas season.

The Grafters Corner

Nature's Best

Working with natural elements is a great place for getting crafty and keeping cost low. Many of the items you will end up working with come from the outdoors and can often be obtain with none or little cost to you. Something to keep in mind- if you plan on using outdoor items, now may be the best time to start gathering them. The weather will only get colder and eventually we will have some snow.

Branch Beauty

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The possibilities are truly endless as to what creative projects you could come up with using branches. However you use them, they will always add whimsy and pack your home full of character.

The Crafted Acorn

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The amount of ways you can turn this little piece of nature into Christmas charm is endless. They maybe small but pack tons of creative appeal.

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How sweet are these ornaments, just select your colours and get crafting.

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A cluster dipped in glitter and the look is naturally beautiful.

Wrap it in Something Special

When it comes to gift giving. It all seems to start on the outside- a way of setting the tone for what maybe inside the wrapping. Even if what was inside missed the mark, it sure feels good to know that time was taken in the presentation of the gift.

A more a greener and natural approach- I just love these fabric wrapped gifts. It real is the only way I would see my grandmother package gifts for friends while living in Jamaica. They carry that old world charm and can serve as useful house hold items once the gift has been unwrapped. I have used fabric wraps with my banana breads or cookies and cant wait to use them with some of my other gifts this year.

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Read it Then Pass it On

The newspaper wrap is other favourite of mine. I just love the way it looks, printed paper finished with pretty ribbons and bows, there is so much creative play taking place there.

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I find working with newspaper as gift wrap to be such an easy approach, the one thing I have found is its best to double up on heavy items as the paper is so thin.

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Here to more fun Christmas decor ideas to come!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bathing Beauties

With the hustle and bustle of everyday live there is often no place more desirable than your at home retreats.For me that is getting lost in the relaxation of a great bathroom design nestled in a spa like setting.

Something about white open spaces, could so see myself calling it a day here. So very fresh and inviting!

Yes! this is more like it, full of all the most haves a bathing beauty. Major key, those fresh white towel.

Everything under one roof! A place to sit and let the day's tasks just roll away, and this large square tub to soak up the good life!

Smooth Comfort, love  how airy this space feels.

Anyone ready for some Relaxation?

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Things are super busy for me right now, and busy has never looked so good.
I am having so much fun working as the lead designer on the Ask a Decorator booth with IDRC as well its almost time to get to work on Holiday window decor displays.
With that being said,  you may see me here a little less than usual.
So when I do get a chance to catch up with you, my day is made.
I love getting these blogging fingers down to work : )

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Cottage Charm

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Jo Showase Home Project

With one of my busiest week in October just rolling by,  I have found myself in need of that happy balance. One of the ways I got to do just that this pass week,  was by spending an evening visiting a  stunning showroom design by and designer Jo Alcorn of Whitewash & Co.
The event went from a charmed filled tour of the home to catching up with industry friends over great conversation. The night was a completed success, lined with much of design love.

Jo Alcorn eco-furn Jo's approach to the home was pure eclectic joy meeting a cool contemporary architectural lay out. Working with a host of of design industry companies and artists Jo was able to create each room with a sense of living the styled life.The home showed its structural beauty as it was highlighted by fresh, creative design takes.

I was able to capture a few pictures of the room designs and just couldn't wait to share them with you!

Wish you were there to see it in person- really a fantastic design approach to creative styling!

Dreaming in Style ( Bedrooms )

The the gent's escape goes to London for relaxation in style! So loving this headboard and the perfect fit of this chair in the corner- what a match!

Where calm is king- Easy to see with the colour selection here, relaxed and so easy in the feel. The oversized leaf pattern on the bedding's give off a naturally cozy vibe.

The cozy chic setting of the room makes me want to just jump in and call it a day!

Girlish glamour has arrived in this bedroom! Now this is what you would refer to as the "little lady's" room.
I thought of my daughter right away knowing she would just love this. What I as Mom, love about this room is, the fact that its been style to through colours and pattern to appeal to a child yet stylish enough to keep in flow with the other rooms in the home.

Dining and Living Eclectically

Love this table setting and the wall art! The bright red chairs and wooden table-perfectly matched.

The was one of the other wall art pieces in the dining room. A little bit of play in the form of art is always a great addition for creating a relaxed atmosphere.
Keeping up the the the rest of the home, the living room is styled with clean lines and impactful furniture pieces. Honestly isn't the coffee table so had my attention! One more for the I want list : )

Hope you enjoyed the views!

To see more photos or to find out more about the Jo Showcase Home Project please vist :

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bright Balance and Play

The face of colour changes from one season to the next, bringing with it a whole new look of so many of your favourite colours. I often wonder what it is we are really so exciited about, it is the actual colours or is the feeling we experience from them. Colour really is joy, we find it in all the most beautiful aspects of nature.

The Rhythm of the Colour Dance

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What better place to look than to the nature for colour inspiration!

colour joy

Don't you just love the use of colour in the middle of all the muted and dark shades of the fall and winter season. I sure do! it really is a great pick me up! I think the key in keeping the look fresh without being too summery is, paring up your brights with, gold, brown, and navy as oppose to lighter colours. The end results is a rich, warm flare with tons of visual interest.

So here's what has had me completely all over the the the colour book in the fall season- Have you been keeping up with the fab finds by the High Point Market Style Spotters- I have been following their finds and they have brought the goods!

I have seen so much in terms of  my Want Wish list,  however it was the the burst of colour that I was most excited about. Not only is there an air of  play, but  I find these looks evoke a sense of  creative freedom.

My Style Spotter Fave Finds/Colour and Play

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Under the Sea comes up for air with bright coral pillows. "Sunbrella fabrics exclusive to C.R. Laine"

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Bright Living-There is something so very soothing yet so energetic about this space. Its bright, dramatic and soft all at once, so design lovely! Festoni  (

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Bedroom Goodness - I could just get lost in the beautiful of pattens and colours.

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Made for the Bright Ones! The desk just makes me want it more everything I see it. Love the colour and wow,the design of it - so right! Kelley campaign desk in green at Lilly Pulitzer Home

Pinned Image Pinned Image
 Design Accents                                                                            Elaine Smith Design

Colour Multiplication  multi-coloured hide pillows from Design Accents and eastern kissed beauties by Elaine Smith Design. A few of these in any space and you've got instant vibrancy.

This was just the colour coded side of the Style spotter picks, there are so many other must see items at  High Point Market Style Spotters Oct, 2012 ;

All my personal faves:

Happy Friday!!

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Creative Soul Friday ( Designer Style Home )

Relaxed and inviting, the home of designer  Jenni Kayne  is full of warm and contemporary elements, making it so inspiring to look at. It's the layout and choice of furniture pieces I enjoy most.

This weeks Creative Soul Friday is all about a design lovely home-Jenni Kayne's Los Angeles Home

Love the this coffee table and the paring with this gorgeous rug.

Let the living begin!

Such a simple yet powerfully styled bedroom. The  reclaimed-oak ceiling is my favourite element, and well that walk out to the pool is looking pretty good right now.



Gallery walls are always a great way to dress up your walls and showcase great art work and photos. The key is to keep these galleries interesting, is not only with what you place in your frames but the layout of the frames. Lining booth walls of a hallway can help to create great focal points.

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