Sunday, 30 December 2012

A look back, A move Forward

How will you spend it? I always look forward to all the festivities of New Year's Eve. I love all the bright lights, shimmer and the sound of cheer as we turn the pages to another chapter. All together, its been a year of much learning and trusting in the faith of tomorrow. There were a few roads I will never walk down again and some I can't wait to see where they will take me.

Talk about a year of trend watching!

I did my best to them to you and show you fun ways to use them. With as many as there were, I was still able come up with my top Five Faves.

1. As if it was told we would no longer see the Chevron Pattern, it was being used  just about everywhere. I did however enjoy the fun zig zag lines and all the ways it was used.

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2.It was big, jewelled and pure over the top goodness. With all the latest trends, an old period in time made a big come back- yes- we fell in love with Baroque once again. Easily seen on all the fashion runways and magazine covers, the Baroque style was a hit that made little misses in its presentation.

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3. Along with the baroque trend was a fresh look at Black and Gold. The look was much sleeker and far more edgy than looks of the pair in the pass.

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4.Creative souls have been using and reusing the Mason Jar to create small and memorable works of art. This year I saw the Mason Jar used over and over again and each time I looked forward to the next.

Light it up!

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Floral Touches

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The Painted

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5. The perfect pop of colour this fall had to be Oxblood. With mostly black and grey playing up as most favoured, it was great to have such a strong colour to work with.

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Thank you all for stopping whenever you do, it has been a great year of writing here on the blog. I am currently working on some revamping of the blog and hope you'll be back to check it out.

Until then,  I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!!!!
Let 2013 be yours for dreams and goal reaching!

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Monday, 17 December 2012

The Warmth of Winter White

In just about any season, I love the look of crisp white and the creamy filled spaces. No matter the style or era the look of white interiors there's always seems to be such newness in the the feel. Being so flat at times I think it's important to add lots of texture and pattern when creating your white room . The overall vibe will then become rich and full of volume as opposed to being a flat surface.

Winter White

Winter White
Winter White by push07 on Polyvore

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Photo Via:

Winter Woodland
by push07 on Polyvore

Winter Wonderland
 by push07 on Polyvore

Monday moments , as always fun to share with you!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Creative Soul Friday goes Emerald Green

Let the creativity begin with the colour of the yearPantone gives the go to Emerald Green as their 2013 Colour of the Year!!

So excited I will be seeing more of one of my favourite colours. So much to love about green! Its a super rich, chic and speaks to so much positive avenues.

Are you ready to give 2013 all that is renewed, refreshed and refined..... I sure am, just give me the green light!

 Welcome to the Emerald City of Style!

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Today on Creative Soul Friday I'm sharing with you some of fave parings with the jewel tone beauty.


Burberry Pinned Image


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Animal Print

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I am truly looking forward to just how all the creative souls of design will bring to life their emerald crushes.

Happy Friday and Weekend best wishes!

Thanks for stop by!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Candy Coded Christmas

This year even more so than ever ,colour gets a big welcome into homes for the holidays, and why not, it is a fun time of year after all. I just think its important not to get carried away and end up with something that you just can't wait to take down. It may best to stick to a few colours and work them into some interesting settings. Think playful, whimsy, and bright!

Candy the colours of sweet joy

Put it on an inspiration board- save time and money.

Christmas Bright

I always find once you've got a moodboard of your thoughts together, it is so much easier to put your
decor into view. Its also a great way to quickly see if your vision will work for you.

Now- I just love the Yves Rocher add!  It truly embodies all that is blissful about working with
bright colours and begin playful.

 Love their products as well, check the line here:

Some of ways to try your colour coding

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As Easy as it gets! good old ornaments- Stack them in vases, bowls or use them to create your next Christmas wreath.

 Pinned Image           Pinned Image

Dining in Colour- The dining table and area maybe the only place you choose to work in your colours. This of course allows for endless possibilities as you can create the look to be your focal point in the home.

 Pinned Image              Pinned Image           

Today I am happy to say that colour comes into my world via the Sunshine filled day we are having.
Hope there's much brights happenings your way today and over the holidays.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Photos Via: Pinterest,, Polyvore


Monday, 10 December 2012

That's a Wrap!

It seems as though we have been waiting for snow only to left out in the cold December rain.  It is however, not business as usual, at lease so far. How do I feel about all this... well-I do enjoy the warmer days, but can't help to think just what maybe really going on in our environment to cause such drastic weather changes. So while the weather changes Christmas remains and is almost here again. Now there are many things I look forward to during the prepping for the holiday. One, being Yes- I love gift wrapping : )  I find it so relaxing and creative is always out to play here.

Gift giving also holds so many special aspects to it, from the gift itself to the presentation of the gift it, really is expression at work.

Fun, Useful

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 Tea Towels                                                                           A wrapped cook book -Love!

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Perhaps a jewelry box wrapped in a silk scarf. Isn't this just so pretty.....

The Pretty and Beyond

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A little Something Crafty

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So whether you pull out your crafting kit and go all out or  just keep it simple,  its all about presentation. Make the gift giving moment a little more special with a package worthy of much smiles.

Hope this week  serves you well and thanks for joining me again.

Happy to be back on the blog!

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