Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bright Balance and Play

The face of colour changes from one season to the next, bringing with it a whole new look of so many of your favourite colours. I often wonder what it is we are really so exciited about, it is the actual colours or is the feeling we experience from them. Colour really is joy, we find it in all the most beautiful aspects of nature.

The Rhythm of the Colour Dance

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What better place to look than to the nature for colour inspiration!

colour joy

Don't you just love the use of colour in the middle of all the muted and dark shades of the fall and winter season. I sure do! it really is a great pick me up! I think the key in keeping the look fresh without being too summery is, paring up your brights with, gold, brown, and navy as oppose to lighter colours. The end results is a rich, warm flare with tons of visual interest.

So here's what has had me completely all over the the the colour book in the fall season- Have you been keeping up with the fab finds by the High Point Market Style Spotters- I have been following their finds and they have brought the goods!

I have seen so much in terms of  my Want Wish list,  however it was the the burst of colour that I was most excited about. Not only is there an air of  play, but  I find these looks evoke a sense of  creative freedom.

My Style Spotter Fave Finds/Colour and Play

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Under the Sea comes up for air with bright coral pillows. "Sunbrella fabrics exclusive to C.R. Laine"

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Bright Living-There is something so very soothing yet so energetic about this space. Its bright, dramatic and soft all at once, so design lovely! Festoni  (

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Bedroom Goodness - I could just get lost in the beautiful of pattens and colours.

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Made for the Bright Ones! The desk just makes me want it more everything I see it. Love the colour and wow,the design of it - so right! Kelley campaign desk in green at Lilly Pulitzer Home

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 Design Accents                                                                            Elaine Smith Design

Colour Multiplication  multi-coloured hide pillows from Design Accents and eastern kissed beauties by Elaine Smith Design. A few of these in any space and you've got instant vibrancy.

This was just the colour coded side of the Style spotter picks, there are so many other must see items at  High Point Market Style Spotters Oct, 2012 ;

All my personal faves:

Happy Friday!!

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