Monday, 8 October 2012

Branching out into Fall

The idea of  bringing the outdoors in during the fall season never fails to awaken new creativity.  I really enjoy walking into a space and finding pieces of the outdoors being used as decor. The look of branches maybe my favourite, it just seems to add a real feel of relaxation and volume to a room. I also like the fact they are easy to get a hold of this time of year, many home owners do their tree cutting now and are usually happy to share with you : )

For my last window project I used some branches I picked up from one of my neighbours. It made for a fun and very useful prop in my display.

Visual Display- PushInteriors

I was able to hang scarves and jewellery for a boutique store I was working with. It was super easy to work with the branches and really-what a great way to bring on the presence of fall.

The Purposed Branch

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Not only beautiful laying branches can also service as very useful house whole decor item The possibilities are endless.

Wardrobe Wood

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From the bathroom to kitchen.... any fun uses running through your head yet? : )

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For all things we come across in our daily lives I am loving branches and the endless creative they offer. I'm currently working on some of Christmas decorations, and can not wait to show you just how I will give new life to found branches.

Happy Tuesday!

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