Friday, 12 October 2012

Creative Soul Friday ( Designer Style Home )

Relaxed and inviting, the home of designer  Jenni Kayne  is full of warm and contemporary elements, making it so inspiring to look at. It's the layout and choice of furniture pieces I enjoy most.

This weeks Creative Soul Friday is all about a design lovely home-Jenni Kayne's Los Angeles Home

Love the this coffee table and the paring with this gorgeous rug.

Let the living begin!

Such a simple yet powerfully styled bedroom. The  reclaimed-oak ceiling is my favourite element, and well that walk out to the pool is looking pretty good right now.



Gallery walls are always a great way to dress up your walls and showcase great art work and photos. The key is to keep these galleries interesting, is not only with what you place in your frames but the layout of the frames. Lining booth walls of a hallway can help to create great focal points.

Happy Friday!
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