Friday, 5 October 2012

Creative Soul Friday (Colour Joy, Pattern Play)

In the pursuit of a little design joy, I have turned to my soft spot,  the play of pattern. Colour already makes me happy,  so to see the mix of varying colours and patterns really gets me in my zone. It really is magic that the most unpredicted pattern layering works so well together letting off pure visual excitement. A winner on Creative Soul Friday, pattern takes over for a fun post!

A Cause for a Second look

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Prada 2012 // Pattern Mixing- Via Pinterest.Com

Diamonds in the look,sharply matched up to bold colours, this is every bit what the beginning of a what a good thing looks like.

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Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2012 - Pattern Blocking- Via Pinterest.Com

Oh wow! Love this! from head to toe, it's a pattern twist. When it all comes together, it says, flowers, animal print, big bold lines and repetition.

Bringing it all home

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MissoniHome 2012 pattern-Via Pinterest.Com

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Black, White and Purple Punch- Via

Pattern layering in the home adds so much warmth and character the environment. Playing with one solid colour among a few patterns is a great way to make a statement, add depth as well works great for creating focal points.

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Harmony and Play- Via

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Pretty Bright-Via Pinterest

After a week of "almost there"," say it isn't so" and "fail attempts" I just wanted to celebrate the coming together of a positive end to the week.

I celebrate in colour, and wait in tones.
I play to a pattern life and dance to the beat of creative homes.
If this is joy then I have found it, if this is beauty then I own it.
To come undone is come alive and live through, colour, pattern and play.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Happy Friday and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

"Making it happen with every Push"

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