Monday, 11 June 2012

MoodBoard Monday with Olioboard

This has been one of the most exciting week for me on twitter. Its been all about connecting with great designers as we warmed up for Olioboard's first Monday Moodboard blog hop! This is blog hop is to be about the design of a nursey or a child's room using all the tools offered on Olioboard. I have been using Olioboard for months now, and absolutely love everything about the site. It has to be one of the easiest ways to quickly put together a moodboard.  The best part is you can purchase all the items you used to create your board right there online, with just a click. 

Today I want to share with you a child's room I created on the site. I was inspired by my seven year old daughter who has now become a big fan of Olioboard also. She is crazy and about butterflies and  loves the colour green. We have worked on other children room designs together, which made for some great bonding time. Our children always seem to want to know what we are up, so why not show them by letting them sit and learn with you.

Let your board by inspired by nature

When starting out with your board, think of the colours, textures and overall feel you want to create. I find looking to nature maybe one of the best places to find inspiration.

There are so many ways to put your board together, here two ways I used to get an effect of a soft, yet very playful toddler room.

The Butterfly Princess #1:

This style of moodboard allows you to quickly place your items on to your board. Which is a really great way to see if your choices work well together.  It also enables you to see these items in any given interior space.  

The Butterfly Princess #2

With a huge variety of pre-loaded rooms and backgrounds to chose from,  you are able to place all your selected items in to any room setting. You can even use your own uploaded room photo. This way you can see how a room development will turn out before even spending a penny. If you love the way it turns out, you can easily shop it on-line and call it a day!

If only we could keep all the pretty little butterflies that have caught our eyes.....
As you know they are far better free. So let them fly as they live on in the bedrooms of little girls all over the world.
I must say, creating this room design was a bit of a sweet escape. Playing with some of your childhood faves all over again. I use the same colours found is the inspiration photo above. When creating a litte girls room, play is word. I wanted to break up the usual pink and white by bring in some green. The room then becomes a more colorful and far more visually interesting to look at. Childen love to create use a wide varity of mediums and colours so its important we give them a great starting point. Their bedrooms are often their little space to work of their arts and craft. So give them play the next time you get chance to work on one of these fun designs!

To join me on Olioboard, please go to

Again, much thanks to Olioboard's Leslie Carothers and Sheilah MacSporran for putting together such an amazing event! I look forward to the continued communication and to seeing all your Monday Moodboards blog hops to come!!

Readers,  I'm working on this hop with some of most talented designers. The idea of the Bloghop is for you to  be able to hop from blog to blog checking out all the designs of all the bloggers taking part in today's events!

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  1. A room fit for a princess indeed! I love the wall appliques. I use them a lot. The color combo of the pink and green is divine!Nice work lady!

  2. Thank you so much Michelle! Love to have connected with you!!
    Enjoy your Hop!!

  3. It's fun to see the inspiration behind everyone's boards!

    1. For Sure! that is always so very interesting!

      Great day bloghopping with you!

  4. WOW I think my daughter would totally dig this room!!! Love ALL the pretty things!!!

  5. love the whole look, especially the butterflies - what a perfect touch! I love how you pulled in how you got your inspiration!
    Loved hopping with you!

    1. Thank you so much Lindsey!
      Greeat connecting with you!

  6. I can't wait to show this room to my niece! Such a beautiful color scheme! And absolutely a princesses dream room!!! Fabulous post! I've enjoyed getting to know you over twitter this week too!

    1. Awe, so very nice to hear! It was so much fun creating this one!

      So nice to connect with you too!

  7. So pretty - LOVE the colors!
    Shared your board with back-link on Facebook!
    Great job Antoinette! Happy Olioboarding!

    xo Lynda