Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Reader's Choice

Looking to add a great reading space to your home. If your anything like, reading a great book or magazine is best enjoyed in the perfect setting. It's always a great opportunity whenever I can escape from the everyday activities and just get lost in the pages of a great book or the captivating photos and articles of my favourite magazine. My ideal reader's nook should consist of comfy seating, great lighting and of course the welcomed sense of tranquillity.

The the perfect sit is always a Comfy Seat

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The chaise has yet to disappoint its lovers. Great for sitting crossed legged or stretched right out!

Keeping it Cozy

Not only should your readers nook be a quite escape,  it's even better when it's been composed to reflect your style while showcasing all the signs of cozy comfort.
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Lighting is Key
The right light sets the tone of the space while providing the important feature of relive from strain on the eyes due to reading in poor lite environments.
modern floor lamps by Anthropologie
Play it twice as nice with this pair of lighting goodness. I am loving the
gold finish!
traditional armchairs by Rose & Grey
contemporary living room by Bruce Norman Long
This is one gorgeous little nook! and the lamp just perfectly placed- adds height and volume.
Give me a book, Give me Tranquillity
modern living room by Digs By Katie | Katie Leede & Company
Awe yes! just what the the day's end ordered. Kick your feet up, read, relax
and call it a day!
modern home office by Amy Lau Design
 How smooth and and so very relaxing is the look of the space.... Soft and muted tones always so easy on the eyes. 
Do you have "A must have item for your reading nook?"
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Happy Wednesday!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Creative Soul friday ( Fashion Fun Day)

A marriage made of pure a style and grace. Back for Another look at a black and its charmed beauty when paired with touches of gold

On today's creative soul Friday , I look to my love of fashion and celebrate the simple beauty of black made even more beautiful gold traces.

Could this a more picture perfect Friday! So much to be drawn from such a lovely source, Altuzarra 2013 RTW

Let your creative heart, be the driving source to your soul!

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Decor ( The Sophisticated Pair )

Black and gold no doubt made a huge wave in the world of fashion design and decor this year. Gracing us with impact and elegant presence- this was one for the keeping!

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Gold Rush

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The combo easily captures the true sense of sophistication. Which is exactly why its a come back with staying power and room additional takes on the mix.
Have you ever thought about bringing the look into your holiday decor? How about a little something different for your Christmas memories this year.

Cant picture it yet...
I have pulled together a few fun ways of make this look work you.

Putting together an inspirational board works great for trying out such a dramatic look.

Gold Design

Here's where you can quickly see if you would like the look to be more black or if you want more of a gold effect. A happy mix of the two work just as well, its all up to you and the overall feel you are going for.

Pinned Image           Pinned Image

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 Via-Pinterest - Working in small doses maybe just the route for you. Small items can be kept in-expensive and an easy change over next season.

This look comes from a recent project I worked on at the International Home Show, Toronto. Super easy- ornaments on a gold plate, made more effective by the black console it was resting on.

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Via-Pinterest -
I love this! Maybe you have some of these laying around and thought,  "when will I ever use them". Well, this Christmas it's time for them to make their presence felt at the table. Bring them out and celebrate the holidays with a little touch of classic gold in a modern twist.
It's a Happy Monday and much creative bliss to you!!
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Friday, 9 November 2012

Creative Soul Friday ( Masculine Charm )

How I love beautifully designed spaces with tons of famine flair, I do however,  also love to see a space that embodies masculine charm. There is something so very alluring about the shades, textures and boldness of interiors driven by a strong touch.

The Colour Story

What better place to start than to take a look at him, see his colour choices, patterns and the finishes he wears. Men for the most part I find like to keep it, simple yet commanding. Looking at fashion is a great place for inspiration and direction. Fashion can also help to reveal combinations that would not otherwise be seen.

Pinned Image Pinned Image

Pinned Image Pinned Image

Pinned Image Pinned Image

The Texture of Him

Leather has got to be the ultra of masculine interiors. There is always a leather somewhere. Really, it's easy to see why leather is such a big winner. The look can be worn or smooth in its finish as booth provide for strong masculine appeal.

Pinned Image Pinned Image

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Strong Bold Finishes

A move towards the right finish is key in capturing the essences of a more muted environment. I find worn or heavily textured finishes seem to work well for bringing home a more relaxed vibe. While more smooth and sleek finishes allow for that refined and luxurious feel. Also furniture selection such be kept more chunky, clean lined and minimalistic.

(Rough and Relaxed)

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(Luxurious Refinement)

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Pinned Image Pinned Image

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Hope you were as charmed as I always am by these masculine interiors.

I am really hoping my next project leads me to working on one!

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

International Home Show 2012

I'd like to think of the last couple of weeks as pleasantly busy. In that I have been working on multiple projects and learning quite a bit of new things. When its comes to trying something new I often gamed, especially when it come to the flied of design and decor.

This pass week I took on the role of lead decorator for the Ask a Decorator booth at the International Home Show - Courtesy of IDRC. The booth is set up each year to service as a means for opening up conversation between decorators the public regarding decor advise. The experience was not only fun but full of interest and amazing relation development.

Meet the Team

Pinned Image

 On a project of this nature,a great team is key. These lovely ladies brought a world full of energy! Thank you so much Cathrine and Vessna!

With-Pat McAuthor - Pat was one of our furniture suppliers, she brought in our coffee table, side tables and console all packing a punch of chinoiserie of to the design. - Small World Furniture

With-Pina- They say laughter is the best medicine, thank goodness for this dose!

With-Theo- Music and Style                                         With- Catherine

The Booth- Gold and Black Allure


After three weeks of planing and a four day show I can truly say I am even more appreciate of all those home show I have attended in the pass.

Thank you: All booth furniture pieces were supplied by several showrooms at Sofa: and Small world Furniture.

Happy for the results and now moving on to my next design adventure Christmas Window Visuals!

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