Monday, 2 July 2012

Moodboard Monday (Olioboard Bloghop #2)

Declutter, Organize, New Beginnings!!

The topic of de-cluttering and organizing can be a bit daunting for many. The approach to a place of chaotic comfort,  may require one to truly look inside themselves or even re-evaluate their lifestyle. This maybe a call for some emotional readiness and most certainly some physical labour.

I like to look at it as a way of  clearing the path to your happy.
Being weighted down with a world full of things can feel it like a real state of sad.

To make this process a bit easier, here a few ways to de-clutter your space and in turn, organize your life.

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1. The Office Clutter

Using the this image along with the tools at  I have created a space similar to this one, showing how to work with storage and create a more useful workspace.

This office space is clearly over stuffed with items which have no home. They are thrown all over the place, making it easy to see there is lack of storage.  and very little work space .

Work it-De-cluttered:

In the new workspace there is storage for loose papers, books, and the many other items that come along with an office space. I have also created a separate sitting area as well, this will allow for a multi-functional office.  When de-cluttering, it is not so much about replacing all  of your old items, but rather to re-purpose and re-position them.

The Closet Overload

Pinned Image The best part about a closet declutter  are all the great finds you will rediscover. A clean,  well organized closet can truly be life chaining. How great would it be, if we were able to look into our closet and see it as a real refection of our style.

Now that you have de-cluttered your wardrobe, it time to give your closet a whole new look! Be creative with your storage selection. Remember the items in this closet represent your style, so why not have them placed wthin surroundings that do the same.  The use these small suitcases help to bring on a real vintage vibe. While the use of a rolling rack as shoe storage lends it self to a cool industrial look.

Laundry Disorder

Pinned ImageWe all have to do it at some point in week. So the laundry room can easily became a messy zone without organized maintance. The the idea of knowing where everything is when your on the go is a definate time saver.
Ordered Laundry

 With these fun super stylish storage boxes and baskets,  laundry can now become a much more manageable task. When things are organized getting the whole family involved is a lot easier, now thats a bonus!

My four take away Tips :

De-clutter: Take time to go through all your items. Keep only that which you truly need and not so much what you want.

Detach: Allow yourself to break free from the things which you posses. There is a far greater feeling awaiting you upon its release.

Donate: There are always those in need among us. Find out where your nearest thrift or charity is and drop your goods off. Someones world will be greatly impacted by your giving.

Renew:  Now that you have gone through the clearing of your path,  be filled with a new energy and allow it to brought into the other areas of your life.

 So the next time you are getting ready to give your space and life a little de-cluttering and reorganizing: Try uploading your photos to  and playing with the placement of some of the items you may want to use. You may also want to start all over be creating a new look. Whenever you get around it, keep in mind there is nothing more freeing than to be surround my ordered beauty. You may surprise yourself just how great you feel!

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  1. Your four steps are perfect, especially the detach! Describing organization as "your path to happy" is perfect! Life is so much nicer with a few simple tricks to keep it slightly less chaotic. Happy #OlioHop

    1. Thank you!an organized life is a much easier lived one!xo

  2. oooo, love your olioboards! So sleek and sophisticated!

    1. Thanks Selma! I love your boards as well!!xo

  3. Really great boards, details, and steps. Love your post. Happy to OlioHop with you! Julie

  4. I completely agree that getting to that place of organization is a lifestyle change and one has to be ready. Love your tips for laundry room organization. This room is my after thought becasue I HATE doing laundry. ugh!!! Happy OlipHOP!!!

    1. Thanks Marilyn!
      This was indeed a fun Bloghop!!xo

      Happy Blogging to you! til the next one!

  5. i totally love that closet inspiration board! I might need to use some of the pieces you picked!
    Great Oliohop again!

    1. Thanks Lindsey!
      So nice to hop this one together again!!xo

  6. Beautiful design boards Antoinette!!! Had fun hopping with you again ;)

  7. Love your blog! I became your newest follower! :) Erin

  8. Your boards are beautiful and really help to show how we can improve our cluttered spaces! It was fun "hopping" with you!