Friday, 27 July 2012

Creative Soul Friday

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for joining me for my second Creative Soul Friday. Today I want to showcase two of my favorite and ever so fun fall trends. The creative minds of some of  fashion's best designers are bringing to the coming fall season a little something all women love - Jewelry and jewel tones hits to the runway, in a BIG way. Its an inspiring look at what happens when we look back to that old jewelry box and react creatively.

  Big Beautiful Buttons- These "bedazzled beauties are making waves on the runway this fall. They are far from the way use to know them. More bold and popping up in some of the most unexpected places.  I love what these oversize buttons and what this could mean for the interior design world. I could so see this look played up on furniture, in hardware- knobs, imagine them paired up with a super contemporary piece, it would be just that bit of unexpected touch, always a hit for me in design. 
Vogue Daily —

Vogue Daily —

The Bug Come Back

This may be one of the only places you will most likely see me playing with bugs. I think they are such a fun addition to an outfit. Its all about scale, and they are over the top in size this season. I am loving the fun placement of a  pair of these jeweled insects on these Jason Wu heels.

Vogue Daily —

Vogue Daily —

Hope you are inspire by a little of nature seen through Jewelry and all the big bold buttons!

Enjoy your Friday!

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