Monday, 30 July 2012

Tray Play

Looking to add volume to a room, looking for impact in a small yet stylish way? It's as simple as a tray full of design possibilities.  Placed in the right area,  a tray can help to add height, texture as well as splashes of colour. As a foundation for great accessories, they work well for creating little stories throughout the home. Trays also make for some great DIY ideas and are great for re-purposing old materials. 

pretty clear trays on top of simple coffee table jazz it up....MadeByGirl: Renting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Separate and Create - The tray defines items within its space. This allows for you to create a short visual story or just pages of one.

Decorative trays made with material and cookie video...Rebecca painted an old army cot and placed four trays on top to make a great custom coffee table...

Re-purpose and give New Life- These were once baking cookie sheets, now they are a tray chic addition to this living room.

Pinned Image

Colour Reflected - Warmth is added to this already charmed collection of accessories with this rustic green tray. Love how the colour is reflected in the near by floral arrangement. Such a perfect match for small items, big impact.

Pinned Image

DIY- These fun designs are only the beginning of just where you could take your tray creations! Here is where you can be bold, remember they are light and easy to move around within your space, so you can change and rearrange them as often as you like.

Its been Tray chic sharing with you!
Happy Tuesday!!

"Making it happen with every PUSH"

Photos via: Pinterest & Houzz

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