Sunday, 22 July 2012

Fresh Cut

There is nothing I like more than seeing fresh cut flowers when I walk into a home. They always feel so very welcoming, not to mention, they smell pretty good too. Now, I'm not completely against a great faux arrangement of flowers, however its pretty hard to beat what nature offers up to us. To get the best out of your fresh flowers, learn more about them from your florist and give them the care they require. With proper care your flowers will last longer and you continued to give your home that added touch of soft, natural beauty.

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Vase Selection- The type of vase you select for your arrangements can help to determinate the look and feel you want to achieve. Theses blue and green toned vases along side these white stones, give off an easy very natural vibe. It feels a bit like your still sitting out your garden.

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Location- The placement of your flowers is key in showcasing the shapes, height, and fullness of each flower in the vase. I love the way two different sized vases are being used in this washroom. The asymmetrical look works so well in front of the balanced sconces and mirror.

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Book and Flower Look- Using books to raise the height of  your vase works well in two ways-The books are most likely something you already have around the house, so its an easy decorating solution. Books also add visual interest through colour, thickness, and those always fun to read book titles.
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Perfectly Paired- The items which you place beside your flowers can play a huge role in the overall feel of your floral design. Try using items that have some of the same colours of your flowers and or vase. Think of it as if you are creating a short story, its important to keep in mind all the small details and the mood of the tale begin told. As in this case,  these jade coloured blows bring out the green of the stems in the clear glass vase.They sit perfectly on top of the book with a pretty cover and the title Extreme Beauty, how fitting for these gorgeous peonies.

Hope I was able to brighten up your day with talks of one of things I love most!

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