Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Crush is Colour Coded

Where did the time go, seems as though it was only yesterday we were looking at Christmas tree lights and spending time wrapping gifts. Then it was the big New Year bash...or may it was a reflective night at home with the family. However you have spent the pass month,  I'm sure  a part of you is thinking "I cant its February already". So why I'm I all about the days flying by so fast.. Well its a mix of excitement and anxiety. Excitement for the spring season ahead and little anxious for plans to fall into place, on time -You know- those New Year's goals...Remember : )

Since I'm more excited than anything else, let me show you some of the design visions I have had my eye on as of late. By now I'm sure you know the selected colour of the year- Emerald Green. Love this fact as its one of my favourite colours. I'm however, all over a few other trend colours and styles.

Lets take a look and see if one of these may be your fun having in 2013!

My Current Colour Crush

Something Blue- Indigo that is, known for its  representation and of intuition and perception this just maybe the colour of focus the season as so many of us are working on new projects and goal reaching. For me it's the deepness of the colour I find most alluring. I could really get lost in its depth and found in its beauty. As a fashion venture I love how it creates such strong and refined statements. Of course when it comes to interiors,  it is to be used with a little more caution. However,  used in the right way, indigo makes for chic and ultra inviting spaces.

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It has a minty taste to it- Mint Green makes a splash on the trend charts for 2013's spring and summer designs. Cool and fresh, it's the perfect answer for warmer temps and all that sunshine to come. Mint green offers a playful side to the colour family and no doubt has a way of brightening up the season. While it will be easy to see the colour on booth the runway as well as interiors it will be one of the years biggest go to colour for weddings. As it is such a soft colour, there is definitely a romantic element to its presents, hence it is becoming the brides must have for her big day.

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In Small Doses- This maybe the best approach for those wanting to try the colour, but want to keep it on a smaller scale. What a great time to bring in some colour through accessories.

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A simple vase, pillow, or even a light fixture change are super easy ways of introduce the colour with out major commitments.

Mint Traditions- The Bride's Pick

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I really think this colour direction is everything lovely on a wedding day. So very cool and inviting its sure to be seen in many other events over the spring and summer months. Could you see this as one of summer dinner party colours? mixed with crisp white pieces...Hurry up and come Summer Days!

Everything is just peachy with the selection of Peach toned creations. The colour easily radiates warmth and energy with an undeniable girlish charm. There is even something more socialable about the colour than most, its says light, soft, and fun!

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The Combo

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Some minty something sweet. I love seeing the two together!! Really- colour combo perfection! To be see with some gold touches,  well now we're taking!

This was one fun post for me! Hope you enjoyed it as much!

Happy Friday Lovelies~


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