Friday, 4 January 2013

The Freedom of Green

The new year has arrived and so much seems to be on the go already! Based on early talks among and family, the year seems to be full of optimism and rightfully so. We have the right to dream, be hopeful and driven, it is after all what life is about.

On the note of improvement and hope, the perfect colour was chosen as the colour of the year. The pantone pick of Emerald Green for 2013.  
Representative of so much, green is the colour of nature and life. It symbolizes well being and balance-top spots on most of our list.

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So this year, I say to you step out of your comfort zone. Go for more, and wrap yourself up in the hope of of a new a day. Its your turn, so turn it up and listen to voice of movement within you.

Happy Friday to you!

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