Monday, 28 January 2013

Poetic Vibes, Eclectic Visions

What can I say, I have a real weakness for eclectically designed spaces. They just seem to speak best to my creative soul and lend a  hand to the adventurous in me. It seems in most of these spaces is a message which reads much like that of well written poem. Full of harmony, rhythm and drama, the eclectic has become one of the most embraced design style as of late. The freedom to use a mixture of styles, patterns and textures evokes play trenched in imagination.
Not to be mis-understood as an easy go of design choice, creating a well executed eclectic space takes even more thought than most. It requires real attention to detail and an eye for design surprise. It is also important that each piece within the space has a sense of belonging and not necessarily a perfect match.

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The Powerful Painting

Selection of artwork often plays a key role in pulling off a look full of  such character and depth. Your art selection is also a great jump off point if direction is still on certain.

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Texture and Cultural Crossings

In eclectic spaces, texture helps to layer the room and give volume in all the right places. If there is ever going to be a design take that embraces our collections and global finds, it has to be the eclectic interior. Showcasing the treasures of our travels, or desired travels-brings forth warmth and a personal charm.

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The Bold and the Beautiful

I love how this space so grounded in design and yet so full of drama. This photo is one of my favourite expressions of hard and soft. That combo is enough to make you want to see the rest of this home.

Thanks for joining me again after so long. Its always great to return to the blog, for some Bloglovin!


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