Thursday, 14 February 2013

Say it With LOVE

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The arrival of Valentine's Day is here! You have seen the pops of red hearts and pink kisses on display in some of your favourite retail shops and the buzz has been on for days with plans for the day.
Whether you are sharing this day with that someone your special or with all those that are close in your life, it's a day geared toward showing the LOVE.

Some of you may have plans for a night out, but if your someone who enjoys a romantic evening in and you haven't got your plans together yet....I know there are a few of you out there : ) So just in case you're that are a few ways to bring on the charm of Valentine Day in the comfort of your own home.

The playful floral arrangement- perfect for bringing something fresh and fun to the table. Most likely if your at home you probably want to go for a more laid back atmosphere, but still want to keep it looking romantic and bright.


What a great way to introduce red to the table, I love these dishes

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Remember those days when..I think this is such just a fun way of bringing back memories.

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To all my readers with Love,

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