Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Reader's Choice

Looking to add a great reading space to your home. If your anything like, reading a great book or magazine is best enjoyed in the perfect setting. It's always a great opportunity whenever I can escape from the everyday activities and just get lost in the pages of a great book or the captivating photos and articles of my favourite magazine. My ideal reader's nook should consist of comfy seating, great lighting and of course the welcomed sense of tranquillity.

The the perfect sit is always a Comfy Seat

Pinned Image
The chaise has yet to disappoint its lovers. Great for sitting crossed legged or stretched right out!

Keeping it Cozy

Not only should your readers nook be a quite escape,  it's even better when it's been composed to reflect your style while showcasing all the signs of cozy comfort.
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Lighting is Key
The right light sets the tone of the space while providing the important feature of relive from strain on the eyes due to reading in poor lite environments.
modern floor lamps by Anthropologie
Play it twice as nice with this pair of lighting goodness. I am loving the
gold finish!
traditional armchairs by Rose & Grey
contemporary living room by Bruce Norman Long
This is one gorgeous little nook! and the lamp just perfectly placed- adds height and volume.
Give me a book, Give me Tranquillity
modern living room by Digs By Katie | Katie Leede & Company
Awe yes! just what the the day's end ordered. Kick your feet up, read, relax
and call it a day!
modern home office by Amy Lau Design
 How smooth and and so very relaxing is the look of the space.... Soft and muted tones always so easy on the eyes. 
Do you have "A must have item for your reading nook?"
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Happy Wednesday!

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