Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Decor ( The Sophisticated Pair )

Black and gold no doubt made a huge wave in the world of fashion design and decor this year. Gracing us with impact and elegant presence- this was one for the keeping!

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Gold Rush

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The combo easily captures the true sense of sophistication. Which is exactly why its a come back with staying power and room additional takes on the mix.
Have you ever thought about bringing the look into your holiday decor? How about a little something different for your Christmas memories this year.

Cant picture it yet...
I have pulled together a few fun ways of make this look work you.

Putting together an inspirational board works great for trying out such a dramatic look.

Gold Design

Here's where you can quickly see if you would like the look to be more black or if you want more of a gold effect. A happy mix of the two work just as well, its all up to you and the overall feel you are going for.

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 Via-Pinterest - Working in small doses maybe just the route for you. Small items can be kept in-expensive and an easy change over next season.

This look comes from a recent project I worked on at the International Home Show, Toronto. Super easy- ornaments on a gold plate, made more effective by the black console it was resting on.

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Via-Pinterest -
I love this! Maybe you have some of these laying around and thought,  "when will I ever use them". Well, this Christmas it's time for them to make their presence felt at the table. Bring them out and celebrate the holidays with a little touch of classic gold in a modern twist.
It's a Happy Monday and much creative bliss to you!!
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