Monday, 10 December 2012

That's a Wrap!

It seems as though we have been waiting for snow only to left out in the cold December rain.  It is however, not business as usual, at lease so far. How do I feel about all this... well-I do enjoy the warmer days, but can't help to think just what maybe really going on in our environment to cause such drastic weather changes. So while the weather changes Christmas remains and is almost here again. Now there are many things I look forward to during the prepping for the holiday. One, being Yes- I love gift wrapping : )  I find it so relaxing and creative is always out to play here.

Gift giving also holds so many special aspects to it, from the gift itself to the presentation of the gift it, really is expression at work.

Fun, Useful

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 Tea Towels                                                                           A wrapped cook book -Love!

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Perhaps a jewelry box wrapped in a silk scarf. Isn't this just so pretty.....

The Pretty and Beyond

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A little Something Crafty

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So whether you pull out your crafting kit and go all out or  just keep it simple,  its all about presentation. Make the gift giving moment a little more special with a package worthy of much smiles.

Hope this week  serves you well and thanks for joining me again.

Happy to be back on the blog!

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