Wednesday, 7 November 2012

International Home Show 2012

I'd like to think of the last couple of weeks as pleasantly busy. In that I have been working on multiple projects and learning quite a bit of new things. When its comes to trying something new I often gamed, especially when it come to the flied of design and decor.

This pass week I took on the role of lead decorator for the Ask a Decorator booth at the International Home Show - Courtesy of IDRC. The booth is set up each year to service as a means for opening up conversation between decorators the public regarding decor advise. The experience was not only fun but full of interest and amazing relation development.

Meet the Team

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 On a project of this nature,a great team is key. These lovely ladies brought a world full of energy! Thank you so much Cathrine and Vessna!

With-Pat McAuthor - Pat was one of our furniture suppliers, she brought in our coffee table, side tables and console all packing a punch of chinoiserie of to the design. - Small World Furniture

With-Pina- They say laughter is the best medicine, thank goodness for this dose!

With-Theo- Music and Style                                         With- Catherine

The Booth- Gold and Black Allure


After three weeks of planing and a four day show I can truly say I am even more appreciate of all those home show I have attended in the pass.

Thank you: All booth furniture pieces were supplied by several showrooms at Sofa: and Small world Furniture.

Happy for the results and now moving on to my next design adventure Christmas Window Visuals!

Thanks for stopping by!

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