Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Warm Wishes

With the rain and cold breeze of today's weather I am longing to do one thing -escape to the comfort of a warm blanket. These days I have had use my blanket a little more often while relaxing at home. I love nothing more than curling up my on the sofa after a long day with a warm beverage in hand and wrapping myself in the blanket bliss of life at home. Of all the seasonal products that come out this time of the year, I always like to check out the selection of blankets and throws, they truly help to warm up the thoughts of colder days ahead.

Knitted Cozy

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Warming up with Whites

Warmest of Whites
Shop it: http://olioboard.com/boards/135358-warmest-of-whites

Maybe it  the crisp look of white towels and blankets that make them so attractive. I just love the way they help to brighten up our homes on those long winter days when we long for some sunshine.

Look at the Bright Side

On Trend Comfort
Shop it: http://olioboard.com/boards/135390-on-trend-comfort

Cool it down then warm it up, one of my favourite combos of the year, grey and yellow. The happy couple makes it mark as a keeper for sure!

Wrap Yourself in Coyuchi Comfort

zigzag matelasse coverlet

Vintage Charm- Playful additions
Shop: http://www.coyuchi.com/zigzag-matelasse-coverlet.html

Striped Wool Blanket

Classic Comfort- Striped Warmers
Shop it: http://www.coyuchi.com/natural-wool-blanket-striped.html

Willow Weave Blankets Willow Weave Blankets

Winters Willow Weave - Warm up with in light wrappings.
Shop it: http://www.coyuchi.com/willow-weave-blankets.html

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