Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First Impressions ( Entry Expression)

So you've made your way pass the well kept lawn and garden, and now naturally expect the same or even more stunning entry way, right? Only wish this were true in all cases however, this area of the home sometimes gets overlooked. For one reason or another it is left with none or little decor apply.

When I think of an entry way , I think of the start to the ride my eyes and creative soul will go on. It is really the place for setting the tone for the whole environment. As far as I see it, one of your easiest ways to make a first and last impression on your guess. So you want to give an opening line without telling the whole story, make a statement that says, "please do, tell me more".

Some key pieces to create your Entry Elegance

1. Reflective Interest - Mirror

No,  not every entry way has to have a mirror, I do however feel they work great for practicality as well as functional for opening up and reflecting your surrounding space and creating  effortless visual interest. With mirrors you can create some really fun looks by grouping them, or making your introduction to colour.

2. Pretty as a Picture - Wall Art

Art Expressive

Always a welcomed addition to any room, the expression of art displayed
on a wall. As you begin to set up the vibe for the rest of the home through your entrance, you can begin to let your personality take its place here. The art used does not have to be expensive but expressive in nature. Its a great place for showcasing some of your DIY skills, show framed photos of your travel, use framed words as a reminder of some thing important to you, think of it as a take away for guest.

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3. Large Expressive -  Consoles

Console Collection


Most likely the largest piece in your entry design, the console table is a great way to make a statement. Think about the amount  of space  you have to work with and just what you will use the table for. This way you can really think about things like the surface finishes, and chose something most suitable.

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"I can only be made once yet have the power to make a lasting mark. I am best received when there is a visible effort is made to impress. I am a First Impression. `` - Antoinette Plummer

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