Sunday, 17 February 2013

Seeing Stripes ( Olioboard Design Contest )

What is your favourite part of the design process? For me its a few different things however,  I just love creating mood boards. The development of ideas really begin here for me. Moving from an inspiration into conceptualization, really is a blissful moment.

As you may have already noted,  I have a major affair going on with a certain web site that allows me to create mood boards with sheer easy. Yes, I am referring to one of favourite creative outlets Olioboard : , I now mainly use it for the creation of 2D and 3D style mood boards for my interior decorating and visual display work. The great thing is I can keep those boards private while sharing all my other ideas with the Olioboard community.

Recently Olioboard launch a super exciting design contest!!

Tobi Fairley Interior Design - Little Rock, AR The Tobi Fairley Get Published Design Contest!
Click to enter:

"Stripes are everywhere for 2013 creating dynamic spaces filled with energy and style. Using this 2013 trend, create a space with that wow factor that deserves to get published and you could win one of two passes to attend Tobis design camp, The Journey to Getting Published.
Good luck!"

Did someone say stripes?!! Of course I was in on this one! I have always loved stripes in design, especially when it's done in black and white. There is something powerful about the use these straight lines when putting together statement pieces. This is one trend that has come and gone, but seems to come back stronger each time. This time around my hands are in applause at its presence.

Bold and Edgy

Pinned Image

Chic, Refined

Pinned Image Pinned Image

Stripe Side Up

Here is one of my design entries into the contest. I wanted to showcase the look of stripes in an eclectic setting. If you love it, you can click on the link to vote, this link will also allow you to see all the other boards in the contest. Maybe you'll make one while you re there!

This is one fun contest so far in one fun design community of designers!

Thanks Olio!

Happy Monday Lovelies!





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