Monday, 30 September 2013

Heads up it`s raining studs, rivets and spikes!

 Trending for sometime now in fashion, the look has made its way into our décor with all its bling and charm. Now if this has never really been your thing, I'm here to share with you just way its become mine. In the past when you would think of studs, and spikes you may have associated it with a hard punk like look. Well you wouldn't have been completely wrong then. That "hard Punk look" has however been revived once again. Only this time around its become a bit more refine, a bit more chic if you will. I personally love the idea of adding a little edge to those soft and maybe more traditional lines to create a fresh take on décor and furnishings.

Hot Fashion Rivet Tote Shoulder Messenger Handbag
Fashion felt it first..                                                                                                          photo

Detailed View
Ultra Soft with edgy charm, this...I do love

Turn your girlish décor up and get blinged out. Photo via Pottery Barn

Masculine elements, very cool!  Photo via:

Beautiful Habitat: Latest Obsession: Nail head Trim

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