Friday, 11 October 2013

Mixology, where styles and patterns are the ingredients

This is a remix! There is an unmistakable movement toward more eclectic spaces, a real celebration of vibe over any one style.
I've personally  always loved the look and feel of eclectic spaces-hence why I'm so elated to see this décor style so embraced and newly understood. Eclecticism, really does take away from the worry of trying to "fit each piece" of a room together and lets you refocus on the overall energy you want interjected into your home. The idea that is maybe an easier route to go as oppose to a more narrow style, not quite true. In fact, it takes a little more planning in terms of furniture placement, and colour flow. There is nothing worst then trying to pull of the look and winding up with an unsettling feel of mismatched results of failed execution.

Every space has the power to tell a story, bring forth a vibe and inspire from every corner that hold it together.

Photo Via:interiorzine.


Photo Via: Decoist

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