Thursday, 6 June 2013

White Out in Summer

With summer only weeks from being official upon us, my closet and décor continue to get the shake off of  winter. I really could wear white almost all summer season long. I love the crisp light and airy feel of look. Of course,  for our décor the idea of do all things white can be more than a little scary for most. However, r I think it is a fantastic way to open up your space and allow for even more brightness into an environment. If carefully executed,  the look can be carried into the winter months by layering with textures and warm tones.

White Rush

White Rush by antoinetteplummer on Polyvore

White Walls-  Perfect for creating that roomy feel in small space.

Shades of White: The overall effect is light, yet furl of character and volume.

White and Colour- Adding just the right touch of colour is a great way to highlight features
which may otherwise get lost in  a sea of white.

Writing on White- Loving the way these framed words add a sense of play to this dining room.

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