Thursday, 13 December 2012

Candy Coded Christmas

This year even more so than ever ,colour gets a big welcome into homes for the holidays, and why not, it is a fun time of year after all. I just think its important not to get carried away and end up with something that you just can't wait to take down. It may best to stick to a few colours and work them into some interesting settings. Think playful, whimsy, and bright!

Candy the colours of sweet joy

Put it on an inspiration board- save time and money.

Christmas Bright

I always find once you've got a moodboard of your thoughts together, it is so much easier to put your
decor into view. Its also a great way to quickly see if your vision will work for you.

Now- I just love the Yves Rocher add!  It truly embodies all that is blissful about working with
bright colours and begin playful.

 Love their products as well, check the line here:

Some of ways to try your colour coding

Pinned Image  Pinned Image

As Easy as it gets! good old ornaments- Stack them in vases, bowls or use them to create your next Christmas wreath.

 Pinned Image           Pinned Image

Dining in Colour- The dining table and area maybe the only place you choose to work in your colours. This of course allows for endless possibilities as you can create the look to be your focal point in the home.

 Pinned Image              Pinned Image           

Today I am happy to say that colour comes into my world via the Sunshine filled day we are having.
Hope there's much brights happenings your way today and over the holidays.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Photos Via: Pinterest,, Polyvore


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