Tuesday, 14 August 2012

YES- Your Embraced Self

Isn't it time you say Yes, Isn't it time you give yourself the right to embrace the individual that truly lives within.  The fearless yes is not always easy to own. However,  is paramount in creating true grounds for a life lived authentically.

Yes to where you are now

Say yes to where you are in life, knowing it is the place refelective of where you are coming from and the stepping stone to where you are going. I like to think of this as being in the waiting room of your dreams.

Wake Up Dreaming --8x10 Fine Art Photography

Yes to Change

Change is sometimes one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes the best thing you could have ever done. Let positive change happen for you by opening yourself up to it. Let Change is representation of a new direction away from paths going nowhere.

Its Time To Inspire, Believe, Create and Dream - Inspirational Prints - Set of 4 - 8x10 Posters - Teal, Orange, Yellow and Brown

Yes to your Gifts and Talents

Say yes to your creative call and give to it all the attention needed to grow. See your your talents and gifts from pure eyes, see them for all  theyoffer. It is not to be a focus of comparison, rather the owning of your uniqueness.

Your Embraced Self- comes from, embracing where you are now, your change ahead, and owning your gifts and talents.

Let the best part of you, comes from a place of YES and brgin to feel Your Embraced Success.

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"Making it happen with every PUSH"

Photos Via:ESTY.com

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