Monday, 6 August 2012

Autumn Brights

I know its just the beginning of August and we still have a few more weeks of summer to go.  I could not however,  help but to start thinking about what this fall season will bring for us in Fashion and Decor. As I as work as a Visual Display Artist, I have already completed some of my back to school windows projects and have already started working on my Christmas concepts. I love this aspect of my line of work, as it always has me looking ahead for next design adventure!

While the Autumn air can bring some dark days of little sun light. It is also a time of year I love. The trees have all changed in colour and a whole new vibe fills the air. Its the indication of change for so many things. One being the new trends in design, both on the runway and in decor. With all the trends reported, I am loving most the blast of colour.

My season picks are, just the right dose of Cobalt and Red. These two colours are full of such powerful beginnings, and should to be taken with a great deal of style confidence.

The Runway- is in full force with cobalt. The look is strong, fresh and very much associated with class and sophistication.

Cobalt at Home- The key with bringing in this so very bold colour is the way in which it is used. Like with all trends, it is import to think of the selection in pieces and the timeless of it. Its best to bring cobalt in through small accessories which allows for easy change overs when the time is right.

Red Runway- Bright bells are ringing in all shades of red this year. The style execution is clean lines, with the colour being the statement. With all the reds out on display you are sure to find just the right one to start your engine.

Red Decor- I am crazy for a little something red at anytime of year. I love the impact that red makes is a space. It is great for creating visual interest and best when not over done. When pairing red with other colours and furniture finishes be sure to take the time to select the right shade to avoid washing out or overpowering the other pieces in your space.

Hope this was one post that will brighten up your day!

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Photos Via: Vogue

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