Sunday, 17 June 2012

Man meets Office

So as it is Fathers Day,  I have created a few idea boards for the gents using Olioboard. I wanted to showcase the different types of men with a coodinating office space. So many dads spend their days in them, working on numbers, signing papers and making world changing decisions.

I believe the office area should, whenever possible,  be reflective of those who use the space. These boards I have worked on, are just a few ways of bring together the man in the suit with his surroundings. To keep the feel masculine, I choose more chunky furniture pieces and muted tones.

Whatever kind of man your dad is,  here are some ideas of making him feel at home in his work setting.

Business at the Loft

Catch me if you Can! ( Urban Living )

Hope you had fun checking out my mood boards, I had a blast working on them! Maybe today when you are planning your Fathers Day events, you could look to one of them for inspiration. Be creative with your day and may this be one of the best days yet with Dad!

Thanks for the visit!
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  1. Well Done Antoinette!!! One of my favorite things is to design for men. I don't think they get enough design attention and they ought to. Some of them really need us [interior designers] ;-)

    1. Awe thanks Marilyn!! Its so ture, the attention is often all on the ladies. I thought today was a perfect day to show them some love: )

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