Friday, 10 April 2015

Show Time in Full Bloom ( Part One )

Hungry for a burst of colour and thirsting for anything but snow,
a visit to the National Home Show was just what was in order.
From the stunning garden creations to the newest and latest in home décor, 
I left feeling spring ready!

Lux Landing

With more options being offered to home owners, creating the perfect back yard oasis
 couldn't be easier. Just a little imagination the list of possibilities become endless.

Could you not just wrap a busy day at the office overlooking this set up - I love the layering of
plants, boulders and flowers, and  of course the running water is key to this bit of perfection.

Bubbles and bubbly perhaps.... the first thing that came to mind when I came across
this tub and tulip installation. Just make sure your neighbours aren't the peeping type...
Sitting Pretty
 There is nothing I like more than getting together with friends and family over
the summer months. Some of the best times happen when we get to sitting around
with great conversations staring the show.

Bringing the out doors in is more pronounced than ever in patio décor. Clean lines
blended with comfort seating create invitingly modern and charming spaces. 
The Unexpected 
I this is one the of the things I like most about design. The is hidden corners and
unexpected finds.
How charming is this set up of chess! My fave design at the show!
It's not only a great way to entertain your guess but it adds so much interest and style
to the garden.

Thanks for swing by today. Stay posted for part two of Show Time in Full Bloom,
Let take a look at the dream home.

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